Our Fees

For the users of Qvolta wallet who want to quickly sell or purchase cryptocurrency in response to trader’s ad, transactions made on the platform are absolutely free of charge. Commission on transactions is charged only from traders who create ads on purchasing and selling cryptocurrency.

When trading on the platform the commission is charged automatically, there are two ways to pay it:

  1. With Bitcoin and Ethereum – in this case, it will be 1% of cryptocurrency amount specified.
  2. In QVT tokens – in this case, you will receive 50% discount, which means your commission will be 0,5% of cryptocurrency amount specified.

In order to pay trader's commission in tokens QVT and receive discount mentioned above, you need to enable this option in My Ads section.

QVT tokens can be purchased on the Okex exchange market or on Qvolta platform ( the price is 10% higher than market price.) Its price at the time of commission withdrawal is formed on the basis of the market exchange rate of QVT token in relation to Bitcoin and Ethereum. The exchange rate taken into account is the exchange rate actual at the moment of the payment of commission for trading on the platform.

Every token withdrawal as a commission payment can be viewed in Transaction History section of your Qvolta wallet.

In order to create Ads and trade, cryptocurrency trader needs to have a deposit in his/her Qvolta wallet. The amount of deposit necessary is 0.03 BTC if you would like to trade Bitcoin and 0.4 ETH if you would like to trade Ethereum respectively.

You can withdraw сryptocurrency from Qvolta deposit at any point if you no longer want to create ads on buying and selling cryptocurrency in Qvolta Wallet.