Give your friend 10$

Special conditions


Users of Product Hunt will receive not 10$, but 20$ for every friend who registers! Moreover, the reward for your friends doubles as well, after the above conditions are met.

You can also get the coolest t-shirt! In order to do so at least five of your friends have to register in Qvolta and reach the goal of 250$.

How Does it work
  1. Click on 'Invite' button and you will get a pop-up window with more detailed information.
  2. Send an invitation using one of the methods: share the link in social media, send an email, or just copy the link and send it to your friend in any convenient way.
  3. Your friend will need to click on the link and register, after that bonus 10$ will be added to both accounts.
  4. After your friend sells or buys cryptocurrency for 250$ bonus money will be available for withdrawal.
  1. When someone clicks on the link, 10$ is automatically credited to sender's account. Both sides will be able to withdraw money only when the invited friend buys or sells cryptocurrency for 250$. The link itself is valid for 90 days, even if the new user does not register right away, but will meet our deadline from the same computer.
  2. There are no limitations on the number of friends you can invite.
  3. It is strictly prohibited to promote our referral link by means of the paid advertisement upon Qvolta request or keywords related directly to our service.
  4. Referral link looks almost identical to the link at The only difference is a special code at the end of the link in order to identify your account e.g.
  5. Referral bonuses are withdrawn only in case if user invited by you verifies his account and performs purchase or sale of 250$ or more (the amount is calculated on the base of buying and selling cryptocurrency on traders ads).
  6. We check for duplicate or fake accounts. Those accounts will not receive referral bonuses.
  7. If the invited user will not meet requirements to get bonus within 90 days after creating an account, the reward will not be earned by any of the sides.
  8. Qvolta reserves the right to change conditions of referral program at any time because of the risk of fraud, change in market conditions or other reasons. Due to conditions stated above, taking part in referral program you agree that Qvolta does not guarantee payments receiving.