How to make money with us?

Qvolta – is one of a kind decentralized financial ecosystem, that allows a regular person to make money on the tremendous amount of international money transactions.

In traditional financial world, banks, e-Wallets and money transactions systems are the ones who make profit on these type of transactions. Our ecosystem gives that opportunity to regular users. Thanks to Qvolta regular users can make a daily 1.5% for their working capital from every transaction due to organic demand on money transfers, mainly from immigrants.

What should I do?
  1. Buy USDT from any centralized stock exchange at a rate of 1:1 to the US dollar.
  2. To do so send a bank transfer to the stock exchange and perform a purchase of USDT.
  3. Transfer USDT from centralized stock exchange to the Qvolta Wallet.
  4. Sell USDT on the Qvolta platform at a rate 2% higher than your purchase price. Platform withdraws 0.5% commission, so from every transaction you earn 1.5%.